We confuse confusion with our skills and abilities in engineering!

YOTTA is a strong vibrant company, a leader in Systems Integration and Low Current Systems.


We offer professional consulting services, to help you upgrade and improve.


From Testing & Commissioning to Project Management, we are always here for you.


We offer both Supply and Installation and Maintenance & Troubleshooting always.


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We are Systems Integration

about us

Why us and what makes us special?

who we are

YOTTA assembled young like-minded enterprising visionaries who share the tenacity to boldly compete head-on in a rapidly changing, technical specific demanding filed 2001 gave rise to this startup with the founding of YOTTA in Egypt from small teamwork of engineers, to a fast growing firm crossing the borders toward the Global under the direction of a small group of young engineers who have the passion and energy towards unlimited creations and innovative ideas.

The main objective of the company was to design and create innovative integrated information technology solutions which would benefit the today's business.

Today, YOTTA is a strong vibrant company, a leader in Systems Integration and Low Current Systems.

The ever expansive technological field necessitates startups and existing companies to address their core business needs. Such technologies are introduced at a rapid rate and YOTTA assesses, designs, and implements this need expeditiously.

Technology will continue to give birth to future generations of more advanced engineering. There is no down trend in this market.

With aggressiveness, scientific and technological comprehension, and smart management, YOTTA is on the fast track of proving itself as a company with a profitable future.

our skills

Consulting Services
Design and Engineering
Supply and Installation
Testing & Commissioning
Project Management
Audit and Health Check
High Level Support Services
Migration & Upgrade
Maintenance & Troubleshooting

our timeline


YOTTA was founded in Egypt. YOTTA's primary business line was system integration


Looking ahead to the importance of System Integration in the Saudi Market, YOTTA & MAWAD INT;L TECH. CO. LTD entered into joint venture partnership to provide turn-key solutions in low current systems.




In 2010, YOTTA launched as an independent Saudi company with regional office in Riyadh.


What we offer is what you get

What does YOTTA gotta do for you?

  • Networking (wire & wireless)
  • Telephony (IP Telephony, Digital and Analog)
  • Master antenna television (MATV)
  • IPTV and Interactive television system
  • Integrated security system
  • Surveillance system (analog and IP CCTV)
  • Access control
  • Digital signage
  • Nurse call system
  • Hotel/Room management system (RMS/HMS)
  • Public address system and back ground music (BGM)
  • Radio paging and intercom system
  • Building management system (BMS)
  • Structure cabling (copper/fiber)
  • Data Center design and implementation

Thoroughly researching System Integration companies will prove the redundancy that exists in the materials that one views in attempting to make a choice. Many unfounded claims are presented as fact.

Our public outreach approach is akin to our systems configurations: unconventional and innovative.


The timeline of Mathematics at its earliest dates delineates our region as the land that has given birth and rise to the complexities of today's technologies, ranging from the earliest prime numbers, multiplication, and decimals, to Euclidean algorithms and beyond. Mathematical complexities and analytical thought are in our genes and in the non-coding sequences of our DNA/RNA.

When measured, we speed pass the competition

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  • P.O. Box 41107, Riyadh 11521, Saudi Arabia
  • Tel: +966 11 490 3949
  • Fax: +966 11 490 3952
  • Email: info@yotta.co
  • Sales: sales@yotta.co
  • Customer Service: cs@yotta.co
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